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[Janice Lanelle , Cook] - [Johann Juergen , Willrich]
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Janice Lanelle Cook
Janie Hudgins (b. 1915)
Janie Jalufka
Janie Todd
Janie Elizabeth Mixon (b. --Not Shown--)
Janie Mae Clark
Janie Pauline Vick (b. --Not Shown--)
Janis Cheryl Battenfield (b. --Not Shown--)
Janis Gail Greenshield (b. --Not Shown--)
Janis Gayle Avery (b. --Not Shown--)
Jannie Janik (b. 05 MAY 1917 - d. 23 DEC 1934)
Jared Andrew Housley (b. --Not Shown--)
Jared Thaddeus Calkins (b. --Not Shown--)
Jarred Todd Otto (b. --Not Shown--)
Jarrett Eugene Hunter (b. --Not Shown--)
Jarrod Jackson Simons (b. --Not Shown--)
Jarvis Redeice MacUra
Jason Martin (b. --Not Shown--)
Jason McCombs
Jason Amos Zieschang (b. --Not Shown--)
Jason Harold Richers (b. --Not Shown--)
Jason Russell Atkinson (b. --Not Shown--)
Jay Bradford Jackson (b. --Not Shown--)
Jay Everett Greenshield (b. --Not Shown--)
Jay Vaughn Grimm (b. 28 JAN 1926 - d. 30 MAY 2009)
Jay Vaughn Grimm (b. --Not Shown--)
Jayne Clark Battenfield (b. --Not Shown--)
Jaynice Mason (b. 1913)
Jda Caroline Elise Rusteberg (b. 02 AUG 1879)
Jean Gossett
Jean Moseley (b. 1914)
Jean Wilkinson (b. --Not Shown--)
Jean Beth Eck (b. --Not Shown--)
Jean Claude Struve (b. 28 AUG 1878 - d. 02 JUN 1956)
Jean E. O'Roark (b. --Not Shown--)
Jean Kathryn Davis
Jean Marie Phillips (b. --Not Shown--)
Jeane K. Williams (b. --Not Shown--)
Jeanette Castleton (b. 29 NOV 1872 - d. 05 SEP 1909)
Jeanette Eiline Raffetto (b. --Not Shown--)
Jeanette Marie Besetsny
Jeanette Marie Hill (b. 18 AUG 1918 - d. 22 JUL 1940)
Jeanette Marie Hill (b. 06 JAN 1943 - d. 05 JUL 2002)
Jeanne Bernard (b. 1900)
Jeanne Shepherd
Jeanne Anne Richardson (b. --Not Shown--)
Jeanne Carol Oliver (b. --Not Shown--)
Jeanne Thomas Poole (b. 18 FEB 1916 - d. 20 OCT 2007)
Jeannette Yvonne Warnken (b. --Not Shown--)
Jeff Gregory
Jeffery L. Parker (b. 15 AUG 1954 - d. 15 MAR 1968)
Jeffery Neal Richers (b. --Not Shown--)
Jeffrey Wagner
Jeffrey Alan Jarl (b. --Not Shown--)
Jeffrey Daniel Higgins (b. --Not Shown--)
Jeffrey Earl Huebner (b. --Not Shown--)
Jeffrey L. Burchfield
Jeffrey Lee Vogt (b. --Not Shown--)
Jeffrey Lyn Mitchell (b. --Not Shown--)
Jeffrey Scott Wood (b. --Not Shown--)
Jeffrey Wade Blomquist
Jeffrey Wayne Warnken (b. --Not Shown--)
Jeffry Todd Otto (b. --Not Shown--)
Jenalyn Morgan Camp (b. --Not Shown--)
Jenelizabeth Joy Risien (b. --Not Shown--)
Jenilu Hall
Jenlizbeth Emanuel (b. 28 APR 1907 - d. 11 NOV 1956)
Jenna Allen
Jenna Elaine Gideon (b. --Not Shown--)
Jenna Elise Janik (b. --Not Shown--)
Jennie Hauck (b. 1881)
Jennie Jahns (b. --Not Shown--)
Jennie Palmie (b. JUN 1859)
Jennie F. Lord (b. FEB 1886)
Jennie Jane Romine (b. --Not Shown--)
Jennifer Bell
Jennifer Angela Willrich (b. --Not Shown--)
Jennifer Catherine Jarl (b. --Not Shown--)
Jennifer Cristina Cernosek (b. --Not Shown--)
Jennifer Dawn Traver (b. --Not Shown--)
Jennifer Elaine Pledger (b. --Not Shown--)
Jennifer Faye Chalfant (b. --Not Shown--)
Jennifer Jewel Dalehite
Jennifer Joy Lester (b. --Not Shown--)
Jennifer L. Grasshoff (b. --Not Shown--)
Jennifer Leigh Mercer (b. --Not Shown--)
Jennifer Lynn Whiting (b. --Not Shown--)
Jennifer Mari Elliot (b. --Not Shown--)
Jennifer Marie Janik (b. --Not Shown--)
Jennifer Marie Ritter (b. --Not Shown--)
Jennifer S. Cook
Jennings Carroll Camp (b. --Not Shown--)
Jenny Larson
Jenny Herbold Bogue
Jenny Lynn Herbold Hall (b. --Not Shown--)
Jens Plass
Jeraldine Studlar
Jeremiah Cowhig (b. 1880)
Jeremiah Bernard Daly (b. 1830)
Jeremy D. Strebeck (b. --Not Shown--)
Jeremy Todd Tyree (b. --Not Shown--)
Jerome Banse
Jerome John Elick
Jerome Timothy Graney (b. --Not Shown--)
Jerry Baldwin
Jerry Uhrmacher
Jerry A. Studlar (b. 02 OCT 1911 - d. 14 MAR 2005)
Jerry Joe Hodanek (b. 06 DEC 1893 - d. 11 JUN 1949)
Jerry Lee Jacobs (b. 31 DEC 1941 - d. 17 DEC 1988)
Jerry Lee Sagehorn (b. --Not Shown--)
Jerry Louise Kennard
Jerry Wayne Schmidt (b. --Not Shown--)
Jerry Wayne Schmidt (b. --Not Shown--)
Jess Sappington
Jesse Leona Thomas (b. 18 DEC 1905)
Jessica Greenshield (b. --Not Shown--)
Jessica Traver
Jessica Dorraine Richers (b. --Not Shown--)
Jessie Penland
Jessie Wheeler
Jessie Harriott Leary (d. 20 DEC 2008)
Jessie Jay Dalehite (b. 25 MAR 1896 - d. 01 FEB 1951)
Jessie Lea Logan (b. 26 SEP 1882 - d. 12 SEP 1971)
Jessie Lea Poole (b. 18 FEB 1916)
Jessie Lee Moseley (b. 21 APR 1884 - d. 29 JUN 1970)
Jessie May Hurst (b. MAY 1900)
Jessie O Allen (b. 1878)
Jessie V Boyles
Jessika Leanne Greenshield (b. --Not Shown--)
Jetta Roberta Stringer
Jewell Virginia Willrich (b. 18 APR 1930 - d. 15 DEC 1994)
Jim Knebel
Jim Richter
Jim Snow
Jimmie D. Powell (b. MAR 1897)
Jimmie Jane Dickey
Jimmy Fitch
Jimmy Ray Watson (b. --Not Shown--)
Jimmy Thomas Holland (b. 06 JAN 1935 - d. 14 SEP 1939)
Jo Ann Crippen
Jo Ann Dillard
Jo Ann Pressler
Jo Ann Schindler (b. --Not Shown--)
Jo Ann Williamson
Jo Denise Jackson (b. --Not Shown--)
Jo Lynn Entzminger
Joachim Loessin
Joan Thompson
Joan Diane Graham (b. --Not Shown--)
Joan Elizabeth Eck (b. --Not Shown--)
Joan Renee Janik (b. --Not Shown--)
Joan Theresa Sengelmann (b. --Not Shown--)
Joann Struve
JoAnn Wilkinson
Joann Mildred Benoit (b. --Not Shown--)
Jodie Traver
Jodie Linda Greenshield (b. --Not Shown--)
Joe Barton (b. 08 SEP 1897 - d. 12 APR 1973)
Joe Coffer
Joe Entzminger
Joe Fietsam (b. 1912)
Joe Hausmann
Joe Hoefer (b. 1904)
Joe Keepers
Joe Murray
Joe Rudder
Joe Siller
Joe Studlar (b. 10 NOV 1908 - d. 03 MAR 1991)
Joe Dawson Hudgins
Joe E. Schmidt
Joe Ebeling Cude (b. --Not Shown--)
Joe Edward Strack (b. --Not Shown--)
Joe Edward Strack (b. --Not Shown--)
Joe Edward Strack
Joe L. Pavlik
Joe Ray Sudderth (b. --Not Shown--)
Joe Tom Haby (b. --Not Shown--)
Joel Lane Barbour
Joel Lane Barbour (b. --Not Shown--)
Joel Matterson Golden
Joey Chapman
Joey Lynn Pratt (b. --Not Shown--)
Johana Hulob
Johann Heinsohn
Johann Hillje
Johann Jarck
Johann Willrich (b. --Not Shown--)
Johann Andreas Huebner (b. 28 NOV 1814 - d. 22 OCT 1894)
Johann Andreas Wittstock (b. 1866 - d. 1931)
Johann August Willrich (b. 16 DEC 1770 - d. 03 MAR 1821)
Johann August Willrich (b. 19 AUG 1737 - d. 20 JAN 1800)
Johann Christian Willrich (b. 1665 - d. 02 MAY 1743)
Johann Ernst Willrich (b. 07 OCT 1699 - d. 18 AUG 1747)
Johann Frederick Hillje (b. 1820 - d. 16 JUN 1893)
Johann Friedrich Hillman (b. 16 MAR 1858 - d. 21 SEP 1932)
Johann Friedrich Theodor Willrich (b. 13 DEC 1802 - d. 21 JUN 1893)
Johann Gerhard Heinsohn (b. 04 FEB 1827 - d. 11 APR 1903)
Johann Heinrich Adolph Richers (b. 1802 - d. 23 AUG 1867)
Johann Hinrich Meyer
Johann Juergen Willrich (b. 1663)

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