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The Willrich Family History Committee met on April 9, 2011 at 10:00 AM in the Conference Room at Camp Lone Star.  Present were:

  • Stanley F. Cernosek, Jr. - Chair (Heubner)
  • Nancy Heubner Brown (Heubner)
  • Robby L. Brown (Heubner)
  • Dennis M. Cowhig (Otto Willrich)
  • Sue Lawson (Otto Willlrich)
  • Marilyn Penland (Heubner)
  • Louis William (Bill) Richers, III (Heubner)
  • Margaret Wilkens (Groos)
  • Diane Yates (Heubner)

The meeting was recorded and the file can be found here.

Meeting Summary [This is a work in progress. Check back in a week, 4/18/2011.]

  1. [One of the items discussed at the History Committe meeting, as well as at the Family Business meeting, was to send out an email containing information of interest to all.  If we don't have your email address, you won't receive it.  Please send your updated email address to Webmaster@willrichfamily-usa.org  -- Thank you.]

The Willrich Family History Committee met on May 23, 2009 at 10:00 AM in the Conference Room at Camp Lone Star.  Committee members present were:

  • Stanley F. Cernosek, Jr. - Chair
  • Louis William (Bill) Richers, III
  • Charlotte Elise (Richers) Sterling
  • Margaret Wilkens (Groos)
  • Rob Brown (Heubner)
  • Sandy Otto

Meeting Summary

  1. Committee reaffirms and is very appreciative of the efforts of our Family's genealogist, Rob Brown for his incredible efforts in keeping up-to-date the family tree, finding newspaper articles on our relatives; plus scanning Family photographs and documents at the reunions.
  2. After discussions on various tasks the committee and other Family members could do, the following activities should be the focus for the next two years:

  1. Everyone should collect audio (vocal) stories about relatives.  A variety of small, relatively inexpensive handheld recorders are available.  These audio histories can then be converted to digital format and become available on our web site.
  2. Efforts should be made to preserve historical documents, books, photographs, etc. that have Willrich Family significance.  During the reunions, Rob Brown will scan these items so that they may be posted on our web site.  As for the original materials, these should be physically archived -- the best location(s) were discussed, but no single location was determined.  University/college/local public libraries are possibilities.
  3. Margaret Wilkens suggested that a Registry of Family Memorabilia (pieces of furniture-tables, chairs, paintings, rugs, etc,) be established so that these significant Family treasures not be lost to the Family following the death of the person(s) owning these items.  If there is interest, a database can be set up to list "
  4. The committee continues to entertain ideas that will lead to getting enough interesting content (stories, photos, etc.)  to put together a "print on demand book" for the Willrich Family - USA.


  1. It was also suggested that a newsletter be sent via email every 6 (six) months to Willrich Family Members.  The purpose of this newsletter would be to keep us connected with one another, to request new information of interests, and to point (link) to new internet sites (pages) of interest.

Comments, etc. may be sent to the chair, Stanley Cernosek

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